HCN Ventures.

We partner with good companies founded and operated by great people.

How We Partner With Founders

We invest in smart, thoughtful founders with a true commitment in their ideas.

We back confidence, integrity and commitment.

We roll up our sleeves with founders and management to have maximum impact and to smooth the road to success. This involvement can take many forms beyond capital; we work closely with companies to enhance their business models, implement scale through partnerships, and share our experiences in developing world-class brands.

Why We are Different

We’re not just investors, we’re partners and mentors.

The strength of HCNV is our passion, reputation, our infrastructure and our flexibility. We not only bring capital to a company but we bring our content experts, our market expertise, our experience and our willingness to support a founder in multiple ways.

As a private investor we’re not driven by quarterly returns or IRR, we want to help build companies for the long run.

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HCN Ventures Has No Operational Control In Healthcare Ops.