Forbes: Sunny Holidays, Safe: Belmond’s Caribbean Private Jet Connection


With winter coming, and safety still a primary travel concern, leading hotel operator (and LVMH-owned) Belmond Hotels has rolled out an innovative “suite-to-suite” angled program that leverages private jet use, and the health safety elements associated with private air travel, to ensure peace of mind for visitors to its luxurious hotel properties.

Partnering with a list of private jet providers, including Nicholas Air, Silver Air, TradeWind, Private Jet Service, FlyExclusive, PRVT, and others, Belmond guests receive premium insider rates for flying in their private airborne “suites” with just a group of family and friends to “suites” at its hotel properties for much-needed R&R. All participating preferred-partner private jet companies are fully vetted to ensure a level of service that matches the luxury hotels.

Belmond’s storied Carribbean properties, especially, present a perfect private jet flight time match for U.S.-based elite vacationers.

Forbes by Mike Espindle.

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